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Sample Work

Biography of America Animated Maps: This series is a 26-part, college-level survey course that covers the spectrum of American history. WGBH produces courses for credit integrated with print and video materials for distance learning, continuing education, and supplementary resources for college and high school classrooms around the country.

Sample Work

Physics by Inquiry Animations: This 90-minute videotape takes viewers inside the Summer Institute in Physics and Physical Science at the University of Washington, a hands-on, inquiry-oriented course in physical science for K-12 teachers. WGBH-produced technical animation helps teacher participants explore properties of matter, light and shadow, electric circuits, and observational astronomy.
  2D + 3D Animation
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WGBH Design offers creative direction and in-house animation production for 2D and 3D applications. We design film and video titles, element toolkits, and information graphics, such as maps and diagrams. Our conceptions consider the intended message, target audience, and available budget. We prepare storyboards, create the animation, and deliver the final product on videotape or electronic files.

A sampling of our satisfied clients, within WGBH and beyond:

  • Berklee College of Music
    Underwriter animations

  • Ambrica Productions
    China in the Red
    Title and animated maps

  • Kalfam Productions, Inc.
    Kalahari Bushmen
    Animated maps of Kalahari area of Africa

  • California Newsreel Race: The Power of an Illusion
    Title sequence

  • Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure IMAX® film
    Animated maps

  • Physics by Inquiry
    Title sequence and information graphics

  • Chicago: City of the Century
    Title, animated maps, and information graphics

  • Evolution
    Animated diagrams

  • Misunderstood Minds
    Title sequence

  • Discovering Psychology
    Information graphics