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Sample Work

James Brown makes his signature stage exit in one of the six short films from The Politics of Soul.

Sample Work

Ecuadorian hummingbirds provide clues about the origin of new species in Evolving Ideas 4, one of a series of seven short films.
  Short-Form Documentaries
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WGBH television programs like NOVA, Frontline, and American Experience are world-renowned, but our producers are equally expert at crafting short documentaries tailored to specialized uses in intimate settings. Our skills can round out and complement your overall interpretive plan.

Whatever the subject — science, history, or the complex social issues we face today — WGBH has the ability to ignite interest, convey fact with feeling, and match the level of the presentation to the sensibility your audience brings.

Some examples (you'll need Apple's QuickTime Media Player to view them):

  • The Politics of Soul
    April 5, 1968: Martin Luther King is dead. Cities burn across America as James Brown takes the stage in Boston. Six chapters, six complete performances: Soul helps a city survive.

  • Beyond September 11: Educators Respond/Kids React
    A compilation of short, simple videos created to help teachers manage the trauma of children in the wake of the deadliest terrorist attack on America

  • Vietnam: 16 Moments
    Sixteen mini-documentaries designed to complement a text and image timeline created by Ralph Appelbaum Associates for the Vietnam Era Educational Center

  • Firewomen
    Five short episodes in the lives of six female recruits undergoing basic training to become Boston firefighters

  • Evolving Ideas
    Designed to catalyze comprehension of complex, controversial ideas, these five seven-minute films for teenagers and teachers were produced in conjunction with the 10-part television series Evolution.